1) Can the laser burn me?
No, unlike a commercial or invasive, surgical laser this is non-invasive ans stimulates tissue repair.

2) Can it Harm Me in any way?
No, our laser feels like a flashlight and is not strong enough to damage cells, even if you used it 24 hours a day!

3) How does it work?
When laser light interacts with tissue, it creates and enzyme called ATP which nourishes the cell. damaged cells are lacking in this vital energy but become healthy again when laser light is administered.

4) How long does it take?
Depending on the site or sites being treated 5-15 minutes. The number of treatments required can vary from 4-12 for most conditions.

5) Will it work for my pain?
Yes, although many patients see results after the first treatment, 4-6 treatments may be needed before seeing significant reduction in your pain level.