MigrainesMigraines or headaches which are differentiated by some professionals are all the same to the person who has one; it is pain full and oftentimes debilitating. 85% of headaches are the result of ischemia that is the medical term for lack of blood flow. Our laser gently but quickly increases blood flow within a matter of minutes! The reason for this is the utilization of the 905 nanometer wavelength which few other manufacturers utilize. A recent study showed that it out performs all other wavelengths by over 700%.

My patients are amazed at the immediate relief they often experience after just one treatment. Furthermore future headaches are often less frequent and pain is diminished significantly to the point their equality of life is significantly improved. Except in the case of severe trauma or stroke only 2 treatments are all that is needed.



Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Severe Migraines

Migraine from Stroke

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