SinuitisSinus problems are a serious problem for many of us here in Western New York. The surgical procedure is complicated and painful and even worse not sometimes fails or may have to be repeated in the future.

Our procedure is simple and painless.

A small probe is placed externally on the six sinus cavities and usually only four procedures are needed. The exception to a total, quick healing is the case when a person has a structural problem for example a deviated septum or polyps. We would suggest that problem is remedied and then consult us for the procedure. Here is testimonial from a Mr. Wrona who suffered every fall for years and after the suggested four treatments he has had no re-occurrence for 4 years!


Cold Therapy worked in my case!

I am a skeptic. A very confirmed, 61-year-old skeptic. I also have sinus problems. In November of 2008it got so bad , I made several trips to my physician, took prescription antibiotics and Symbicort so I could breathe. All caused by sinus drip that got so heavy it clogged my throat while sleeping caused painful and blood filled cough and drove me nuts.

This past November, my friend Lou Banas said to me “why don’t you try this light therapy on your sinus. I believe it will help you. “When it does, all I ask is that you tell people your story. What I can say after years of late and early winter sinusitis I have been breathing free and clear very single day for almost 4 years! This is something that should be investigated. I’m confident my sinus problems have bee cured, I will be extremely disappointed if next year I am unable to get a good night’s sleep once again.

Michael Wrona
Amherst, NY

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