Alzheimer's / Dementia


83-year-old Dad with Dementia

My 83 year old dad had been going down hill for almost a year. Mr, Banas administered the Mini Memory test and scored a 10 which was very poor. After 6 treatments over a 30 day period he scored a 23! He is much more alert and functions much better with every day activities. We are delighted with the changes and plan on treating him once or twice a month as maintenance. Rhonda - Lockport, NY

11 years with Dementia



My name is Jane and I had a stroke at age 53 years old. My doctor referred me to the brain center for cold laser treatments, which he thought, would help my issues. When I came to the center, I could only see half of a person's face! After the first treatment, my vision was totally restored and I can see my husband's whole face. It was amazing! After three treatments, I got back 80 to 90% of my vision with only a cloud like shadow hovering over my left eye. However, I can see what I need to see. In addition, my left side had spasms making it difficult to walk; I no longer need a wheelchair. My motion slowly returned.



I am 42 years old male and I had a stroke one and a half years ago. I was struggling with so many issues until I was able to work with Mr. Banas. I had headaches almost daily sometimes severe they have now been minimalized. My ability to make decisions and think clearly has improved significantly. I was out of “focus” when trying to make decisions quickly and now that is not much of a problem. I am self-employed with a springtime and summer- time company, which is very demanding. I now have much more confidence moving forward knowing it will be much easier. I know I will need maintenance treatments but for now, just these three treatments have made a major positive impact on my abilities to function.

-- Don

Migraine from Stroke


Childhood PTSD
PTSD & Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
PTSD & Chronic Pain
PTSD & Recurring Severe Chronic Depression


Arthritic Knee

Knee – Hip – Shoulder Pain

I first met Lou when he gave a presentation to our Buffalo Bills Alumni group. I had been suffering for years with arthritic knees which needed implants. However, Lou told me that he had an excellent chance of restoring my knees without surgery; so I thought I would give it a try. To my amazement after 5 treatments my knees felt young again, I told him it felt like they were padded. He also treated my shoulder which was the result of an injury with the Bills and for the first time in years I had relief without pain killers. He has now treated my hips which he diagnosed as bursitis, three treatments and I am significantly better. I told him if I was playing I would own one of these systems for myself and every professional athlete should have their own system.

Walt Patulski
Notre Dame ’70
Buffalo Bills 1970-1972

Migraines / Headaches


A 38-year-old female, under the care of this primary care physician for 3 months had a history of stroke and possible TBI caused by spousal abuse. She had moderate to severe migraines of three to four times per week over a 5-year period. Her previous primary care physician had her on a very high dosage of OxyContin. Her current primary care physician asked me if I could help wean her off the OxyContin, her mother brought her to her appointments. After the first treatment, her headache pain was eliminated, however due to the fact we were cutting back on her medication the migraines persisted. Courses of eight treatments (sometimes on an emergency basis) were administered over a 14-day period and she reported significant relief every time. When she came in for her seventh visit I noticed she was walking without her cane and her leg was now almost back to normal. However, most remarkable was the fact that the mother reported her daughter began speaking in full sentences and her memory had returned! In addition, she no longer needed to walk with a cane. The client was followed up intermittently over a 2-year period and no regression was apparent.


Headaches | 45-year-old Woman

My name is Monique Mcnaughton and I was injured 8 years ago at work driving a fork lift and was seriously jarred. I has two level fusions in my neck. I have had several years of physical therapy before and after the surgery with limited success for my headaches which was my chief complaint which I endured since 2001. After the second session of cold laser therapy, I noticed that the headache was diminished. After my 12 sessions of therapy, my headaches are rare( I used to have them 3-4 times per week). I can sleep better and now take my pain pills only when needed. In addition, my range of motion has increased by 80%. I am very happy; I was introduced to this new procedure. I am telling all my friends about it.

Severe Migraines

Headaches | 18-year-old Student

I am a varsity football player for St. Josephs Institute in Buffalo. I play on both defense and offense (linebacker and fullback) so I am constantly being hit. I have been playing football since I was 5 years old but it wasn’t until the last two years that I have been suffering with terrible headaches from football and studying. My coach Mr. Troy suggested I visit Mr. Banas to see if he could help. After just two 12 minute treatments I am almost 100% better. Sometimes when I get hit I may have a headache for a few seconds but then it disappears! I am very grateful to Mr. Banas for his help as well as the rest of my teammates who he treated successfully when our trainer was having very little success.

Headaches from a Genetic Disorder

TBI / Concussions

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Concussion | 50-year-old Woman

William Stephan M.D. asked me to treat a patient with a concussion. Dr. Stephan is an primary care, alternative medicine physician who has been using the Theralase for over 4 years.

The patient fell down her stairs and hit her head. She had a contusion on her forehead the size of a half dollar. She has had a headache with a vas scale of 4-5 for the four days since the accident. I treated her top of her skull and Circle of Willis for 2:30 minutes at 50 power. (top of the skull was only place where she claimed headache) She came in for a follow up treatment 48 hours later and said her headache is barely a 1.

Her contusion was very sore and could not be touched. I used the triple probe for 4 minutes at 70 power, holding the probe one-half inch from the wound. Pain was significantly reduced immediately after the procedure and is pain free 48 hours later, swelling reduced by 30%.

Severe Concussion


Sinusitis | 61-year-old Man

First off, you have to know that I am a skeptic . . . a very confirmed skeptic. I also have sinus problems.

In November of 2008, it got so bad, I made several trips to my physician, took prescription antibiotics and Symbicort so I could breathe. All caused by sinus drip that got so heavy it clogged my throat while sleeping caused painful and blood filled cough and drove me nuts.

This past November, my friend, Lou Banas, said to me “why don’t you try this light therapy on your sinus. I believe it will help you. “When it does, all I ask is that you tell people your story. What I can say after years of late and early winter sinusitis I have been breathing free and clear very single day for almost 4 years! This is something that should be investigated. I’m confident my sinus problems have been cured.

Michael Wrona - Amherst, NY

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction | 34-year-old Man

A 34-year-old had an accident at work and his lower back was injured. “ As a result, my wife was getting frustrated with mu inability get a full erection.  After one treatment I was fine for almost a month!”  Unfortunately, he is the exception to the rule and needed monthly treatments but was truly grateful for the treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction | 60-year-old Man

A 60-year-old man who is diabetic who was at least 70 pounds overweight needed a vacuum pump to gain an erection. He stated “it sometimes took 30 minutes to get to the point I could have relations… now it is no problem at all.”

Sports Injuries

Football Injury

Our first string quarterback suffered an upper body injury and the trainer told us it would take 2-3 weeks to heal. I called my friend Lou Banas in to see if he could help, the kid was also most totally healed in three visits and performed without a problem that Saturday. Since then, I have seen similar results with other players and I have actually been treated for my own problems by Lou.

Joe Shifflet
Coach, St. Josephs’ Institute
Buffalo, NY

Football Injury

I recently finished my fourth year at UB as fullback and was invited to participate in the Combine here at the University. I was suffering from a chronic hamstring injury for almost 6 months and in addition injured my shoulder lifting weights and was in pretty severe pain. I was making relatively limited progress with the trainer. I found Mr. Banas on the internet and he had a clinic near me. Over a three day period to my amazement, I was ready for the Combine. I informed my trainer of this treatment which should be in every training room in the country.

Brandon Thermilus
Class of 2010

Note; Brandon is the son of NFL great Alonzo Highsmith.


Acute Anxiety

My name is Kathy and I'm 58 years old. I have been suffering from severe anxiety for over 30 years. Two months ago I was given two laser treatments from Mr. Banas hoping he could help. . I highly recommend it! My anxiety level is almost down to zero.

The real test was this past few weeks with a severe family situation. We had a few deaths in the family. I have a huge family and I was able to handle what I needed to. No stress, no aggravation. I was able to walk away if I didn't like the situation I was in or just didn't say anything where before I would definitely be saying something and it would have been complete aggravation and stress.

I've been driving in rush hour traffic and made a couple of trips a to Lockport and Blasdell with no problem! Those that know me know my daughter is a lot to handle and she can't believe I am so calm in stressful situations. She said now I am being too calm and why don't I get aggravated!? We have had two three hour phone situations and you know how they can be. Also, I was with her for a full day and halfway through when she realized he left a pot on the stove. We just calmly drove to her house with no problem. She couldn't believe how I was acting.

So to get some background, my neurologist sent me for psycho neuro testing for dementia. It was not so much for memory as for confusion and she said I was having disregard for safety. I had real problems in the kitchen like melting things on the stove. Leaving things out that should be been refrigerator, putting things in the fridge that I shouldn't be, you get the idea. I had problems mixing medications mixing up almost daily.

I had an accident in a parking lot along with trouble with directions and not wanting to drive it all. I told my sister not to text me in the evening because I would never remember or even process some plans we were trying to make. Of course, I had the memory stuff like we all do with age. I used post its, a calendar, a planner etc. severely anxious over appointments. I don't do any of that anymore! No more posters on the mirror to remind me of what I have to do that day.

After the treatments by anxiety went down to almost zero. I had no trouble with testing. All those symptoms plus lots more were GONE! I am having no trouble functioning.

In hindsight anxiety for me is like I am always running behind. Everyone always said to me well. What are you worried about? Why are you worried about why are you worrying? I told them it had nothing to do with that but I just couldn't explain the feeling.

Now I know what the hyper feeling was in hindsight, I just felt I like I was always behind when I wasn't having the feeling of rushing like all day long when I wasn't having the feeling of rushing like all day long when I wasn’t or that should be doing something.


Chronic Pain

Chronic Back Pain

Physical Injuries

Spinal Cord Injury

Shingles Pain

Post Herpetic Neuralgia (Shingles pain)

My name is Elsie Harris and about 14 years ago, I had a severe case of shingles on part of my face. Although the shingles healed, I was left with terrible facial pain which I would rate 8 out of 10 . I met Dr. Bansal, my Pain Management Doctor for a separate problem but I asked her about the laser for my face. She agreed we should try it. You must understand, I have been to several neurologists and even neuro-surgeons to try to eliminate my pain but they could recommend nothing. I am so happy to report that after my first treatment my pain was almost reduced 50% better! I did a total of 7 treatments with the cold laser and my pain level has diminished to 1 or a 2 ! I can sleep better and my quality of life is so much better. I would recommend this to everyone.

Elsie Harris
Akron, NY

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